Our Team

Erin O'Brien

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I believe it’s important to keep your footprint small and your heart big.  The most effective way I’ve found to do this is through supporting your local community and purpose-driven small businesses. I've also made it a point to work exclusively for women-owned businesses for the past five years. I adhere to the sentiment that the way in which we source and share our food and energy is of vital importance for the health of both the person and the planet.  So saying working at The House is an ideal fit is an understatement! But it’s not all altruism--I’m definitely here for the desserts too ;)


When she’s not at the cafe getting your orders together, rocking the espresso machine, or prepping our weekly beverages, you can find Erin teaching or studying yoga, aerial yoga, meditation, and spiritual awareness, or tending to her 4 mini donkeys, 9 chickens, 2 dogs, and far too many cats.

Danielle Matson

In 2017 I attended MATC for Bakery/Pastry Arts. I worked at a variety of bakeries in Madison, the last being Madison Sourdough Co. There I was in charge of breakfast pastry production--the laminated pastries were my baby. But my husband and I moved, and at the time I had our first newborn I became a stay-at-home mom. Many wonderful birthday cakes and another baby later and I ended up going back to work at Simple Bakery in Lake Geneva, laminating croissants again. My husband got a position at New Glarus Brewing Company, so we made the move to Monroe. We have been here since 2017. We now have 3 sons that we homeschool. My last baking position was at Cow and Quince for nearly 2 years. Besides baking, I love to garden. I am also a co-owner of Community Kitchen, LLC, a locally-sourced seasonal prepared meal box program. We work with the farmers to source 90% of our ingredients for the meals.


If you're around early in the morning, you might catch Danielle. She's our early-riser baker, and if you do happen to catch a glimpse of her, pass along your thanks to her for the work she does before the sun rises to make sure The House has its fresh pastries each morning. Also, we'll post Danielle's great co-op prepared meal program website when it's available!


Annie O'Connor

Kaylee Walters

Most of my professional information is on the "About" page. I'm doing what I love, and I hope it can reach some people who are looking for an easy way to get more veggies in their life. I figure everyone can find a dish with meat, wheat, and dairy anywhere, but having access to a variety of different kinds of vegetables, oils, grains, and proteins is something that is harder to find. Personally, I'm not even gluten-free--bread is my life--but it's so easy to find these things, and everyone could use some moderation & variation in their lives to shake up the routine and give their body some different nutrients and love, especially if it still tastes just as good. My career has been chock-full of working at incredible establishments that inspired bits and pieces of what I've put together for The House. The House is a lounge that reflects what I would look for in an establishment: a place with diverse and non-traditional food options in a rural area, a comfortable place to plug in and work on a computer or hang out with friends all day, a place for meetings, a place for quick & easy meals, a place with plenty of options full of veggies, a place for parents to relax while their kids play in a play area, and a place that offers a baked good with supreme attention to detail from start to finish. We try to curate a food, bev, & bakery menu that complements all the other traditional and exceptional foods in New Glarus--we want you to go get the cheese curds, but we figure you might want a fresh juice & salad the next day, too.


When not running The House 24/7, you'll find Kaylee working 24/7. Just kidding, kind of. You'll find Kaylee spending as much time as possible with her kids and family or else catching up with friends about town, grabbing a delicious hand-made black bean burger and sweet potato fries at Tofflers, strawberry rhubarb pie at Fat Cat's, or an impossible burger with portobello mushroom fries at Ott Haus (you can't go wrong anywhere you choose to go in New Glarus).

After moving to New Glarus from Illinois (I know, I am so sorry) back in 2017, I landed a job working at Fat Cat Coffee Works where I was able to learn my barista skills. Since then, I have been working on and off at other small coffee shops working on crafting the perfect lattes. When not making the world a better place through coffee, you can catch me planning festivals and encouraging the world to visit New Glarus at the Chamber of Commerce. I am grateful for the opportunity to work at The House and share my love of amazing food and drinks with the community! As I like to say, “More espresso, less depress-o.”


Annie is our personal comedian and general instiller of all things that will make you smile and be grateful you know her. Most of you probably already know Annie, and Annie probably already knows your drink preferences. We just feel lucky to have her, and I think you probably feel that way, too.