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Coffee shop
vegan + gluten-free bakery
vegetarian deli
cocktails - beer - wine
grab-n-go refrigerated meals
specialty natural + vegetarian grocery products


We specialize in fresh coffee drinks, hot soup and toast, quiche, and yogurt available for plating in-House. For our entrees, salads, and other special food items, you'll locate these in our deli fridge + freezer for you to shop from. Just grab them from the case and bring them to the counter to pay. We do have a microwave available in the communal area for you to heat up if you choose to eat on-site. 


Some of our menu options frequently change, and some stay the same. We're committed to sticking to a flexible menu that allows us to create entrees and salads of the day with whatever local and fresh produce we can get in-season. Check out the boxes below for an overview of this week's rotating options, which are all available in our grab-n-go fridge and freezer. 


Entree of the Day

Red Thai Curry

Thai-style smoky + spicy red curry is cooked with local organic sweet potatoes, onion, broccoli, cauliflower, and potatoes. Optional with tofu (not GF), and served on organic brown rice. Served deli-style cold for reheating at home. $10.00. (GF/V with no tofu, V with tofu)

Rosemary, Lemon, Dijon Roast Meal

Potatoes, broccoli, organic tofu, and shallots are roasted with rosemary, lemon, dijon, and organic olive oil for a bright and healthy veggie and protein-packed meal. Served deli-style cold for reheating at home. $11.50 (GF, V)

Salads of the Day

Green Goddess Salad

A large salad of mixed greens, local chioggia beets, local watermelon radishes, local shredded carrots, and pepitas with a green goddess dressing made with local basil and herbs (GF, V) $10

Beet Salad

Local beets are boiled and marinated with a French shallot vinaigrette made with 100% pure organic olive oil and fresh lemon juice and placed in the bottom of an extra large compostable salad bowl. Topped with mixed greens, blueberries, candied walnuts, dairy or V goat cheese. Beets + vinaigrette are packed in the bottom of this dish so that you can store it at home until you are ready to enjoy. Just mixed it up prior to eating! (GF, V) $11

Soup of the Day

Chunky Moroccan Soup

Organic brown rice, organic French lentils, organic chickpeas, chunky carrots, organic local dark leafy greens, warm spices and House-made pure veggie stock (GF, V) Served hot. Optional toast add on!

Quiche of the Week

Roasted golden beet, red cabbage, and shallots. We have a GF/DF grain-free quiche made with an almond flour crust or a Vegan quiche made with JustEgg and local organic whole wheat flour for the crust.

Hot Tea of the week (for To-Go online orders)

Mango White Tea (Telsaan Tea in Mt. Horeb)

Cake of the Week

Cardamom Spice Cake with Chocolate Cognac Buttercream (GF, V)

Our cake is made with organic quinoa flour, almond flour, non-gmo sunflower oil, and organic sugars, baked with cardamom and spices and topped with chocolate cognac buttercream (GF, V)




November 6 will be our last cocktail lounge through the holiday season as we focus on private events and holiday specials through the holiday season. Stay tuned for updates! Send an email to Kaylee at for any reservations or inquiries for holiday parties and reservations of our back garage space.


**Please see our "menu" tab and click on our cocktail menu to view items available during our lounge hours. Our full menu is not available on these Friday & Saturday nights, though you are still able to order at our bar our coffee/non-alcoholic beverages as well as desserts with our bartender--just ask them what's available for the evening. Our online ordering is not active during our Friday & Saturday night hours, though you can order food/items available on the cocktail menu to-go at our bar for take-out, including alcoholic beverages.

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COVID-19 Response

We recommend masks in our facility, but they are not required. We are maintaining our online ordering system for those who aren't comfortable dining in at this time.

We're happy to report all employees are fully vaccinated. Because of this great news, masks are optional for our staff, depending on their own comfort level.