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Please note we're moving to online orders (and phone orders) only on Thursday, August 26, due to staffing issues amidst the ongoing pandemic.



Some of our menu options frequently change, and some stay the same. We're committed to sticking to a flexible menu that allows us to create entrees and salads of the day with whatever local and fresh produce we can get in-season.

Check out the boxes below for an overview of this week's rotating options.


Layered Cake of the Week

Chai Cake (GF, V)

Cake is made with organic quinoa flour, non-gmo sunflower oil, flax meal, and local Telsaan black tea and herbal chai tea. Sandwiched with layers of chai spiced buttercream. (always GF, V) 

Entree of the Day

Black Lentils & Harissa

Simple, healthy, and different, served cold in 100% biodegradable packaging. Organic black lentils topped with island spiced & roasted local carrots and served with a green cilantro harissa sauce. (GF, V) $9

Salads of the Day

Shredded Beet, Carrot, & Kale Salad

Fresh raw organic beets & carrots are shredded with local lacinato kale and marinated in a creamy herb vinaigrette. $5.50/8 oz; $9.50/16 oz

Chickpea Salad

Organic chickpeas are cooked and smashed with egg-free garlic aioli and loads of fresh diced vegetables. $6/8 oz; $10.50/16 oz. Great on its own to take home for meals for the week, optional to add crackers, mixed greens, or mixed greens and avocado. 

Soup of the Day

Creamy Carrot, Cashew, and Cilantro

Made with local organic carrots, onions, cashews, cilantro, and house-made veggie stock. Packed with pure veggies and spices and nothing else (GF, V) 

Quiche of the Week

Roasted sweet potatoes, mixed greens, shallot, and parsley. We have a GF/DF grain-free quiche made with an almond flour crust or a Vegan quiche made with JustEgg and local organic whole wheat flour for the crust.

Hot Tea of the week (for To-Go online orders)

Cinnamon & Orange Black Tea (Telsaan Tea in Mt. Horeb)




On the first & third weekend of each month we open our back garage & patio space for an in-house cocktail lounge from 5p-10p (kitchen closes at 9p). 

       **Please note that we plan to implement "off-season" hours for our cocktail lounge, where we will open the first & third weekend of each month. We will resume regular cocktail lounge nights every weekend starting Memorial Day weekend in 2022. **

      **Please see our "menu" tab and click on our cocktail menu to view items available during our lounge hours. Our full menu is not available on these Friday & Saturday nights, though you are still able to order at our bar our coffee/non-alcoholic beverages as well as desserts with our bartender--just ask them what's available for the evening. Our online ordering is not active during our Friday & Saturday night hours, though you can order food/items available on the cocktail menu to-go at our bar for take-out, including alcoholic beverages.

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COVID-19 Response

The health and safety of our employees, customers, and community are the top priority at all times, but especially so during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Here is a list of some of useful information for our customers to maintain a level of safety and comfort for our employees and customers:

  • Although we are closed for in-person dining at this time due to staffing issues (and with the added benefit of proactive measures with the surge in the delta variant), we are opening our back patio and garage space for open-air dining for those who wish or need to eat on-site. You can pick up your order at our front vestibule and take your food down our side alley to our garage space to enjoy a comfortable place to be with your friends while enjoying food.

  • We're happy to report all employees are fully vaccinated. Because of this great news, masks are optional for our staff, depending on their own comfort level.